Acts 20:35b

“Jesus Himself said: It is more blessed to give than to receive.”

New Testament giving is founded on the principles of love, honor, and generosity. This was demonstrated in Jesus’ ministry. Jesus did not meet his needs by performing magic. He didn’t collect tithes, first fruits, or special breakthrough seeds. However, He allowed people to meet His needs through giving. That is a partnership! Luke 8:1-3 mentions women who supported Jesus from their own personal finances. John 6:5-9 mentions a little boy who gave five loaves and three fishes to help feed five thousand. John 12:1-2 mentions how Lazarus and his family cooked dinner for Jesus to eat. Matthew 27:57-58 mentions how Joseph of Arimathea gave his tomb to bury Jesus’ body. We see Simon give his boat to Jesus to preach within Luke 5:2-3. The Samaritan woman also hosted Jesus for two days on John 4:40-41. There was no tithing, first fruits, or seed sowing but rather generosity! And this is the pattern we follow as believers in Christ!

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