Exodus 23:19

“Bring the best of the first fruits of your harvest to the house of the LORD your God”

Firstfruit was an offering of the first basket of the harvest of wheat, barley, grapes, figs, olive oil, honey, or dates that the Law required of the Israelites to send to the temple to acknowledge  God for bringing them out of Egypt to the promised land. It was not an act of faith, or January salary, first salary, or first business profit as some modern-day preachers present it. In the New  Testament writings, the term “First Fruits” was used symbolically to explain the realities of salvation from different angles. Like the tithe, nowhere are believers asked to offer first fruits like the Jews were instructed. However, believers are instructed to give generously and consistently to support the ministry and ministers of the gospel and the poor. This is to be done cheerfully and joyfully without manipulation or coercion.

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